The Health Benefits of Plum Fruit

Plum fruit is the sweet juicy pulp, which belongs to the family of Rosaceae and grows on small shrubs. The primary countries where plum is grown include China, the US, Japan, and Europe. 

Let’s talk about the features of plum fruit. Plum fruits can be red, green, black, and purple and are generally soft, smooth, and 3-6 cm in size. It contains a large seed in its center, which you are supposed to discard after you eat around the seed. Furthermore, dried plums are called prunes. Prunes are usually eaten in the morning with cereals and breakfast pastries. 

Plum fruits come in diverse varieties. You should know about the different types of plums. If you don’t then we can help you. Read on. 

Top 8 Benefits of Eating Plum Fruit

In this section, we will shed light on the plum health benefits. You will be glad to know that plum fruits don’t just offer taste benefits but also plum health benefits too. Let’s discuss them. 

1. Lower blood pressure

Plum fruits have high potassium content, which controls your blood pressure. High blood pressure is caused by a large number of factors, including poor lifestyle choices, lack of physical exercise, and some health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, etc. To regulate your blood pressure, eat a bowlful of plums. Don’t miss out on plum benefits.

2. Stop cell damage or cancer

You must be thinking: Is Plum good for skin? The antioxidants present in the plum fruits can save the body from free radicals that accelerate the aging process. Also, if you are suffering from memory issues, you will benefit if you consume plums as they tend to improve memory by neutralizing the cell-damaging radicals. 

3. Heart health

Plum health benefits also cover the heart. They are brimmed with antioxidants that are helpful in cholesterol oxidation. Cholesterol oxidation may pose a big threat to blood vessels, which can cause heart stroke and high cholesterol. 

4. Get rid of stubborn fat

Are you obese or fat? Would you like to have a sleek and slender body? Then you should add plums to your diet. One best way to get rid of obesity is to have a healthy diet and stop consuming unhealthy processed foods. You should consume prunes every day to get rid of stubborn fat in your body. If you are wondering about plum fruit calories, there are 46 calories in 100g of plums. 

The research was conducted at the University of Liverpool in which 100 overweight people were divided into two groups. One group consumed prunes every day, and the other group didn’t eat prunes. The results were amazing. Those who ate prunes lost 4.4 lbs.

5. Bone health

One of the benefits of eating plums is your bone health gets better with time. You must be wondering how plums actually improve bone health. They do so by reducing inflammation-causing elements that increase the rate at which bone cells break down. You can use them as a snack instead of unhealthy chips and fries. So, take full advantage of plum uses.

Plum Nutrition Facts

Have a look at the plum nutrition facts to expand your knowledge! 

  1. Carbohydrate–7.54 g 
  2. Fiber–0.9 g    
  3. Protein –0.46 g          
  4. Iron–0.11 mg
  5. Potassium–103.62 mg           
  6. Magnesium–4.62 mg
  7. Manganese–0.034 mg           
  8. Phosphorus–10.56 mg          
  9. Copper–0.038 mg     
  10. Zinc–0.07 mg
  11. Niacin–0.275 mg      
  12. Pantothenic acid–0.089 mg
  13. Riboflavin–0.017 mg
  14. Thiamine–0.018 mg  
  15. Vitamin A–227.70 IU
  16. Vitamin C–6.3 mg    
  17. Vitamin B6–0.019 mg          
  18. Vitamin E–0.17 mg   
  19. Vitamin K–4.2 mcg  

6. Get rid of constipation

Isn’t constipation annoying? It steals our peace of mind and leaves us overwhelmed. The main reasons for constipation can be dehydration and low fibre. But don’t worry, plums have got your back. One of the amazing benefits of eating plum involves the elimination of constipation. Plum fruits are brimmed with dietary fibre and tend to give you relief. Now, you must be thinking: How many plums can I eat a day?  You will reap great benefits by eating 4-5 plums a day. 

7. Eliminate breast cancer cells

Breast cancer begets when cells start developing out of control. It can happen in one breast or both. This cancer spreads readily when cancer cells get into the blood and are carried to the other parts of the body. Breast cancer can take the pleasure out of your life by giving you breast pain, fatigue, hot flashes, menopause symptoms, etc. 

One of the ways to reduce the risks of breast cancer is to consume plums. This fruit promotes the generation of healthy cells in the body. So, avail plum benefits.

8. Fight diabetes

You already have answers to ‘is plum good for skin’ and other ‘benefits of plum fruits’. Another benefit of eating plums is it helps in fighting diabetes. We have already discussed above that plums help in lowering blood sugar levels, which eventually controls your diabetes. 

Different Types of Plums:

1. Damson plum

Damson plums come with dark skin and have high sugar content. They can be bitter and acidic. August to October is the month in which damson plums are harvested. There are a plethora of benefits of plum.

2. Elephant heart plum

Elephant heart plum comes in the color of hearts and from dark red to purple color. It is known for its sweetness and tartness and is usually picked between September and October. 

3. Moyer plum

Moyer plums are sweet and pleasant and when they are dried out, they can be used in a wide variety of dishes. An interesting fact about Moyer plum fruit is it doesn’t get affected by pests. You will be amazed by Moyer plum uses.

4. Greengage plums

Greengage plums come in the shade of pale yellow-green to lime and have red patterns on the peel. This type of plum fruit is used to make ice creams, cakes, jams, and pies. You can also have them with savoury foods such as ricotta, basil, chilli, and seafood. 

5. French prune

French prune is a mild-flavoured and deep reddish-black plum. They grow fast in self-fertile development and are quite popular in the US. Late summer is the best time to harvest French prunes. 

6. Friar plum

This plum fruit is native to Japan and has a lighter shade than amber. Friar plums are sweet and juicy with orange-amber flesh. The plums come in dark violet to bright black shades and are of a round shape. 

7. Mirabelle plum

Mirabelle plum fruits are small and sweet and are usually grown in France and can be used in jams, jellies, fruits, brandy, and baked items. You should always eat them fresh. 

Fact: If you are wondering whether plum fruit benefits are grown in India or not, here’s a fact for you: Superior quality plum is grown in HP, J&K, Uttrakhand, and UP. 

Plums That Are Good for Your Body

What are plums good for in your body? Both black and red plums are good for your body as they are rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre, and antioxidants. Let’s have a look a more. 

  • Damson plum fruit benefits cover better digestion, lower cholesterol levels, making bones strong, and improved sleeping patterns. 
  • To reduce inflammation and boost the immune system, consume as many elephant heart plums as you can. 
  • Greengage plums are abundant with Vitamin C, sodium, calcium, potassium, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, and phytonutrients. The main greengage plum fruit benefits are improved eyesight and the elimination of eye diseases. 

In conclusion

There are so many benefits of eating plum every day. Your skin will glow, your heart and bones will be healthy, your eyesight will be sharp like an eagle, you will not have to face constipation, your immune system will be strong, and overall, you will glow. So, add plums to your diet right away. Don’t shy away from consuming them anymore.

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