About Us

AboutHer is an independently run online women’s magazine and blog based in India. It is a space that celebrates women, their lives and their interests.

We feel that every person’s life is a story, the story of a journey, of an odyssey. And we think a woman’s journey, in particular, is extraordinary in terms of the influence and effect it has on her and those around her.

Every journey encapsulates myriad experiences, occurrences, and events, which could be a point of reference for other women.

Sometimes when we women get caught in a trying situation, the questions that immediately come to our minds are ‘Am I the only one??’ or ‘Why me??’ before we even start thinking about dealing with the situation.

Through AboutHer, we want women to know about similar situations and see that one is never really the only one or the first one. There are always others who have had similar experiences and have been through tough times. They could take help from these experiences and be guided or inspired by them.

AboutHer is about women, their lives, relationships, stories, passions, interests, views, and opinions. There is something for every woman on AboutHer.

Our stories, articles and opinions are based on what we have observed in the lives of women around us, the stories of women as they have unfolded over the years. It is definitely not prescriptive or judgemental, but our take on how women, with their attitudes, behaviour or beliefs, have influenced lives and continue to do so. It is about women, the various facets of their lives and how they give expression to them in the form of their interests, skills and experiences.

We believe that every woman is an enigma. There is a lot more to her than what meets the eye. AboutHer is just an attempt to capture some of those facets.