Sangeeta Relan

About me

Aside from being an educationist teaching at the university level for the last three decades, I have been a corporate wife and a mother to two boys who have now flown the nest. I love cooking, singing, travelling and exploring new places.

Reading has always been a passion that inspired me to put my thoughts down on paper. I guess it also has to do with my genes as both my parents were avid book lovers, and my father also loved to write.

I have now reached a stage and an age where I am relatively free from my maternal responsibilities and therefore am in a relaxed and calmer state of mind. My mental state allows me to be objective about situations and experiences, and I am ready and desirous of sharing them with others, leading to this blog.

I feel that every person’s life is a story, the story of a journey, of an odyssey. And I think a woman’s journey, in particular, is extraordinary in terms of the influence and effect that it has not only on her but also on those around her.

Every journey encapsulates a myriad of experiences, occurrences, and events, which could be a point of reference for other women.

Over the years, my profession and position have enabled me to interact with many women from varying social and economic backgrounds. I have sometimes had the opportunity to be a teacher, a mentor, sometimes just a colleague, a friend, a mentee, sometimes an employer, and a relative. All these interactions have given me insights into women’s journey, giving me exposure to how women across the board deal with challenges, trials, and tribulations all through their lives.

Sometimes when we women get caught in a trying situation, the questions that immediately come to our minds are ‘Am I the only one??’ or ‘Why me??’ before we even start to think of dealing with the situation.

Through my blog, I want women to know about similar situations and see that one is never really the only one or the first one. There are always others who have had similar experiences and have been through tough times. They could take help from these experiences and be guided or inspired by them.

My blog is about what I have observed in the lives of women around me, the stories of women as they have unfolded over the years. It is definitely not prescriptive or judgemental, but my take on how women with their attitude, behaviour or beliefs have influenced lives and continue to do so. It is about women, the various facets of their lives and how they give expression to them in the form of their interests, skills and experiences.

The various sections on my blog cover multiple aspects of a woman’s life, from her relationships to her career, hobbies and interests, views on different topics, and looks.

I feel every woman is an enigma. There is a lot more to her than what meets the eye.

About Her is just an attempt to capture some of those facets.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog.