A Photo Journey Through My Favourite Cities – Part 1

As cliched as it may sound but I do love to travel and going to different places. And then I like to explore the place and for that, I prefer to walk. I firmly believe that what a walk can reveal about a place, it’s people and its sights is unimaginable and sometimes quite unbelievable.

Through this photo journey, I want to give a brief peek into the places that I have loved visiting and the one memory that I have of each place in terms of the sights which will remain with me forever. So here goes Part 1 of this journey!!

Paris, The City of Love – The Eiffel Tower

What can be said about this majestic, iconic metallic structure that has stood the test of time, captured people’s imaginations, fascinated lovers, poets, writers and pulled them towards it. As I stood below it with my husband in the failing daylight of 20th November 2018 to bring in our 25th anniversary I couldn’t help marvel at the beauty of the wrought iron structure standing tall and pretty. What would have inspired someone to think of building a monument which can symbolize history and modernity at the same time. The view of the tower from below and the view of the city from above are sights not to be missed!!

The City of New York, A city on the Move – Times Square

How can one go to NYC and not go to Times Square!! A place where you are surrounded by people, people and more people!! People of different nationalities, different races, different places!! Everyone seems to be on the move! Cars, buses, the yellow NYC cabs, so much activity, so much life around you. In almost a dozen visits to the city, I have never ever not been to Times Square. It is so symbolic of the city of New York and the buzz about it.

Moscow, the city of culture – St. Basil’s Cathedral

The most recognizable monument in Red Square, the Central Square of Moscow. It is a church that I call a visual delight. When I saw it for the first time, I couldn’t stop looking at it. When you stand in the middle of that square and look around you, for one you can’t miss it, and then when you see it you get so mesmerized by it that every other sight becomes inconsequential, which is what happened to me.Never had I ever seen so many colours in one structure. The building shaped like the flame of a bonfire rising into the sky has no parallel in Russian architecture and possibly in no other architecture as well.

Udaipur, The city of lakes

View of the City Palace from across the Lake Pichola

Imagine a still summer’s day, when nothing is moving and least of you! ( words from one of Cliff Richards’ songs, one of my favourites!!) And what you see as you sit by the lake moving past you gently and slowly are the waters of the lake. You hear you feel the serenity, the calmness. And when you look up you see the grandeur of the City Palace, the magnificence of it looking back at you, beckoning you to come and explore it. The golden of the palace reflected in the clear waters of the lake is a sight to behold.

Budapest, The city divided into two by the Danube Fisherman’s Bastion (The Halaszbastya) A world heritage site

A sight to behold, one of the best-known monuments in Budapest located in the Buda castle. It consists of seven stone towers that symbolise the seven chieftains of the Hungarians who founded Hungary. The day we visited it was not a good day in terms of the weather. It was cold, it was raining so should have been a miserable day. But surprisingly it wasn’t!The beauty of the place ensured that. The overcast sky, the feel of the raindrops, the wet facade of the monument with lights peeping out from various nooks and corners made it all look even more beautiful. As we walked from one part to the other, we were made to pause and soak into the beauty of the place. The church, the statue, the restaurant, the walking paths, the architecture all so mesmerizing and captivating.It was quiet, it was peaceful, it was ethereal. The view of the Danube and the city from the terrace and the towers will remain etched in my mind forever.

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