A Man Called Ove is the story of this endearing man who goes by the name Ove. The story touches your heart and makes you believe in all the good and right things in this world like love, principles, ethics and kindness, to name a few. Ove comes across as an eccentric man with no emotions or ties with anyone, but eventually, the reader realises that is not true. Beneath the hard exterior lies a soft and caring person who can be there for others no matter what.

The book tells the story of Ove’s simple and straightforward life. He is a creature of habit and a stickler for rules who cannot tolerate people who break rules. Page by page, word by word, his eccentricities, his quirks make you smile and fall in love with him. His values, principles which initially make him sound like a rigid, inflexible and cynical person, are the qualities that eventually make him endearing to the reader. 

A Man called Ove is the first book by Fredrik Backman that I have read. It came highly recommended and did not fall short of expectations. 

The story has been narrated in a simple manner; the chapters are short, and each chapter heading gives you a glimpse of what the chapter will be about. Most of the time, the reader moves to the next chapter with a smile on their face.

What I loved about the book was how it opened up slowly like the petals of a flower. The truth about Sonja, the reason for Ove and Rune’s animosity, are all revealed gradually and subtly.

It is heartwarming to see how Parvaneh, Patrick and their two daughters thaw Ove out and bring out his loving self. His initial irritation with the family gradually gets transformed into a lifelong bond of love and affection.

Though seemingly old fashioned, Ove’s acceptance of a gay young man in the neighbourhood shows that he is a non-judgemental and flexible person.

Backman’s writing style is simple and relatable, making the book a great comfort read. It picks up slowly but keeps the reader engaged.

A story of an endearing man called Ove is not to be missed.

I give the book a 5/5 rating.

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